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10 Easy Ways to Live More Sustainably

22 Apr. 2021
live sustainably

Slowly but surely, we’re all realizing how important it is to do our part of the job to protect our mother Earth. Every little thing we do daily can impact our planet, be it turning off the lights when we leave the room or bringing our reusable bags to the grocery store. We’re not telling you that you’re bad for the environment if you aren’t doing these things. What we’re telling you is that every effort counts, no matter how small or big it is. Beauty is in simplicity, and living more sustainably is all about going back to a simple lifestyle. In honor of Earth Day, this week’s #TopFiveFriday has been replaced by #TopTenThursday. Here are ten easy ways to live more sustainably. 

Welcome Reusable Alternatives

Try not to opt for single-use products, and rather choose eco-friendly or reusable options instead. Carry your water bottle around with you everywhere you go. This way, you’re sure to have an option if you’re thirsty, AND you’ll be sustainable. 

Save Energy 

Turning off the lights when you leave a room, switching off standby appliances, and air-drying your clothes are easy ways that can help you save energy. In the end, saving energy will help reduce carbon emissions, which will significantly help our planet. 

Eat Less Meat 

Eating less meat or no meat at all is a popular way to live more sustainably. After all, it’s easy, with all the vegetarian and vegan options available in stores today. It is important to note that meat production is a massive contributor to climate change and pollution of lands and waters. 

Say Goodbye to Paper

Choose to receive letters by email and try not to print off documents. With today’s digital era, going paperless isn’t very hard. Signing documents electronically and choosing an e-receipt over a paper one is easier than ever. 

Reuse and Recycle 

Knowing what goes where, from the recycling bin to the garbage, is very important. Try as most as possible to recycle what can be recycled by looking for the recycling label. Want to step it up a notch? Reuse as many things as possible, like cardboard and paper (if you’re not ready to go paperless). 

Donate: Don’t Throw Away

If you don’t wear a particular piece of clothing anymore, or you’re not using that product you got five years ago, consider donating it to a charity center. Donating helps reduce waste, as you’re not sending these items to landfills. Instead, you’re allowing someone else to give a second life to that pair of sneakers! 

Grow Your Fruits and Veggies

Another easy way to live more sustainably is to grow your own produce. This way, you can be sure that you are not using pesticides that are significant air and water polluters. Gardening isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but trust us: there’s not a prouder moment than harvesting all that hard work. 

Consider more Fairtrade Products

The Fairtrade certification signifies that the product has been produced by a company that takes measures to be sustainable in its practices. Make sure to keep an eye out for that label! 

Clean with Eco-Friendly Products

It is no secret that many cleaning products use harsh chemicals that can damage our environment. By using eco-friendly products to clean your home, you’re preventing these chemicals from harming the Earth. 

Buy Second-Hand 

The primary polluting industry in the world is the fashion industry. To diminish the harmful impact it has on our planet, you can opt to buy your clothes from thrift stores, charities, or more sustainable clothing stores.  

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