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4 Easy Ways to Brighten Your Dark Living Room

20 Oct. 2020

It’s no secret that we need as much light as we can in our homes during winter. Days are shorter and we spend more time inside reducing the number of hours we soak in the sun. Beyond aesthetics, Light helps regulate our natural sleep clock and most definitely, impacts our mood. Our goal for you is to spread light in your home for a brighter and happier life. Though a renovation can help a lot with fixing the lighting problem, we found easy ways to brighten your living room, low budget and renters friendly.  

Add reflective furniture

When talking about light, reflection is key to a bright room. Shiny surfaces help the rays of shine to bounce back and spread around for a warm and lit atmosphere. The easiest way to lighten your living room would be to include mirrors or translucent furniture in your interior design. A decorative modern cut mirror or a transparent storage cabinet allow the light to flow in your living room while adding a unique touch to your décor

The brighter the rug, the better

A living room rug has many functions such as defining a specific area in the house or making the room decor cohesive, but it doesn’t stop there. Matching dark flooring with a light-colored rug is always a winner as dark colors tends to absorb light. Plus, a rug can give a lot of personality to your living room and the more colorful it is, the better. Don’t be afraid to have fun and mix prints for your different furniture, we got you covered in the choice of your unique rug.

Add lighting fixture

As days shorten in winter, we need to use other sources of light other than the natural light as it dims early. Adding a luminaire or a table lamp is a perfect way to enjoy a cozy lit room, it doesn’t take a lot of room and you always have the choice to turn it off if needed. For more light, you can strategically turn upward a torchier or a floor lamp toward the back of a room, the light plays the sun’s role when it begins to cast shadows across the ceiling

Opt for a minimal style

When decorating a dark room, choosing a lean and clean style can help bring more light to the room. The idea is to use furniture that will give an airy feel to the room, leaving space under the furniture allow the spread of light easily. You can opt for light-coloured sofa such as our ivory sofa to attract more natural light or you can choose light material for your windows curtains such as linen to avoid a bulky style. 

In making your choices, the main thing to remember is to create a design that represent your personal style while bringing light into your room and life.

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