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5 Clever Living Room Storage Ideas

16 Oct. 2020

Storage in a living room is undeniably essential; it declutters the space and hides all the board games you’ve had for years. We once spoke to an interior designer about the clutter in a living room, and they mentioned that you want to leave enough accessories to show you’re a living, busy family. Still, your living room should not look like a daycare craft area. To prevent your living room from looking like it’s straight out of a chaotic whirlwind, this week’s Top Five Friday consists of 5 clever living room storage ideas. Not only are they super useful in helping you keep your space relatively tidy, but they’re also super stylish and will perfectly complement your Cozey sofa

A Complete Wall Unit 

wall storage unit

A complete wall unit, from floor to ceiling, will help you keep your living room uncluttered. Not only is it super useful for holding necessities, like a pile of school books or a mug of coffee, but it dresses the walls and adds a stylish component to any living room. 

Baskets of All Shapes 

storage basked

This option is the best one, budget-wise. Baskets are perfect for storing blankets and throws and the occasional Uno game that someone forgot to put away the night before. Not only are they great for storage, but they bring in a rustic-chic look to your living room without busting the budget. It’s a win-win! 

Floating Shelves 

floating shelves

Floating Shelves are 1. Easy to install, and 2. Ideal for refining your living room. We’d say this option is a good one for people that don’t have too many things to store since floating shelves are mostly used as a decorative aspect. Display some books and add vases to add dimension! 

A Bedroom Dresser


Who said dressers were only for bedrooms? We didn’t, that’s for sure! We highly suggest a low-profile dresser for the best storage space possible. It will keep your items tucked in, and its surface will allow you to display some pretty cool decorative objects. 

A Closed Side Table 

side table storage

For smaller living rooms, closed side tables are an excellent solution for storage space. They don’t take up a lot of space and are useful ways to hide items you don’t want your guests to see (aka the ugly kleenex boxes you bought on sale at the store). 


We hope you took note of these 5 clever living room storage ideas! Got more suggestions? Feel free to contact us on our social media platforms to share them with us! Every Friday, we release a Top 5 of things we hope will make your life simpler and better.  After all, that’s what Cozey stands for; simplicity and comfort.  See you next Friday!

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