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5 Comfort Meals to Eat on the Couch

2 Oct. 2020

Can you think of something better than eating comfort food on your Cozey couch, on a warm, cozy fall night?  Add a good bottle of wine and a fire to that, and we’re in heaven.  Even though all sorts of food can be eaten on the couch, we all have our favorites. This is why this week’s Top Five Friday presents our 5 favorite comfort meals to eat on the couch. 

Creamy Mac & Cheese

mac and cheese

A creamy mac & cheese is at the top of our list.  Easy to prepare and always delicious, it melts our hearts every time. 

Warm Beef Ragu Pasta


A slow-cooked Italian meal: perfect with a bottle of wine on the couch on a Friday night in front of your favorite TV show. Sounds pretty good, no?

Cheesy Mashed Potatoes  

mac & cheese

Have you ever had a bowl of mashed potatoes by itself?  If you ever have a bad day or just need something to warm your heart, this is perfect for you to eat on your couch!  If you’re feeling a little extra, why not melt some cheese on top of it? 

Any Lasagna

comfort meal

Oh well, a classic.  No need to say more.  We love lasagna.  Homemade lasagna.  Frozen lasagna. Any lasagna.  

Ice Cream

comfort meal

Ice cream is great for every emotion felt.  Feeling great? Ice cream. Sad? Ice cream. In love?  Ice cream.  Heartbroken? Ice cream. Ok, you get the point.  Ice cream is awesome.

We love comfort.  Every type of it, from comfort food to a comfortable couch.  Follow our CozeyFood board on Pinterest to see more comfort food inspiration.  Life is too short not to feel comfortable.  Enjoy!


We hope you’ll soon enjoy one of these comfort meals! Every Friday, we release a Top 5 of things we hope will make your life simpler and better.  After all, that’s what Cozey stands for; simplicity and comfort.  See you next Friday!

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