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5 Cozy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

7 May. 2021

Ahhh moms. They know it all, and they have a solution to everything. We wouldn’t be here without them, and they deserve all the love they can get every day. Mother’s Day is in two days, so we thought this week’s #TopFiveFriday should propose 5 cozy mother’s day gift ideas because they deserve a little something comfortable to keep making us feel comfortable

A Plush Robe

brooklinen robe
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This Mother’s Day, offer your mom a plush, soft robe. Robes are great for slow Sundays as well as late-night Thursdays. She is sure to enjoy the comfort of a robe, especially if it’s from Brooklinen. The waffle robe is one of their bestsellers and is set to help your mom relax! 

Comfortable Slippers

comfy slippers
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Slippers are another cozy must-have. Comfortable slippers will keep your mom’s feet warm on cold mornings. Pair them with a mug of warm coffee, and you’re set to make your mom’s heart feel full and happy. 

Soft Pj’s

soft pyjama set
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Ahhh, Pj’s: you can never have too many of them. A cute pyjama set is a great gift idea for this year’s Mother’s Day. Working from home, it’s quite easy to stay comfortable, all while being stylish. More and more Pj’s are coming to life in cute, chic options. Choose one that your mom can wear every Monday to kick off her week in a cozey way! 

Colourful Bath Bombs

bath bombs relax
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Self-care is important, and moms deserve all the time possible to relax. This Mother’s Day, give your mom a colourful bath bomb set. She’ll be able to use one whenever she feels like taking a long, warm bath. Although Summer is on its way, it doesn’t mean that self-care evenings should be eliminated from weekly routines. Offer your mom the possibility to relax with bath bombs! 

Fresh pastries from the local bakery

yummy croissants
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Mother’s Day brunch is always a good idea, year after year. Why not stop by your favourite local bakery to get some croissants? Pair that with your mom’s favourite jam, and you’re set to make her happy. After all, it’s the small things in life that make it special. 


Happy Mother’s Day, moms! Every Friday, we release a Top 5 of things we hope will make your life simpler and better.  In the end, that’s what Cozey stands for; simplicity and comfort.  See you next Friday!

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