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5 Elements for the Perfect Reading Corner

9 Oct. 2020
reading corner

Staying in has become the norm for the Canadian population for many months now, but it takes a whole new turn as the months of colder weather have conquered us yet again. If you weren’t aware, fall is upon us! This means that the evenings spent at home, by the fireplace, eating comfort food has become our new favourite activity. Not only this, but reading a good book while comfortably sitting on a Cozey armchair might just be what we need to survive the colder temperature. To welcome the last months of 2020 the best we can, this week’s Top Five Friday presents the 5 elements of the perfect reading corner. Get on; get reading! 

Comfortable Armchair

comfortable armchair

Well, this one isn’t too surprising. The perfect reading corner should have a comfortable armchair so that you can sit for hours, undistracted. A Cozey armchair will exactly know how to make you satisfied, and might even make you want to get extra comfortable and take a nap. Sounds pretty great, no? 

Floor Lamp 

floor lamp

Lamps are crucial in this case since you want to be able to read your favorite, bestselling novel at any time of the day and night. Investing in a floor lamp that brightens up your reading corner will make a real difference. We recommend a floor lamp because they take up less space and allow you to use your side table for more purposeful reasons, i.e., to put down your coffee. 

Side Table

side table

As we said, a side table allows you to bring along your coffee and put it down when you want to concentrate on the book you just started. Side tables are also great to hold the pile of your favorite books. 

Warm Blanket

warm blanket

This one is another important one in terms of creating a cozey and homely space. Blankets will keep you safe and warm on every night of the week, and even more cozy on Sunday mornings. 

Pretty Plant 

reading corner

You might not think this element is an essential one but trust us here. At Cozey, we don’t just focus on making your space more comfortable. We also wish to make it well-decorated and pretty. Plants are significant in terms of design as they convey great style without going over the top. 


Creating a comfortable reading corner does not have to be complicated. Just make sure you’ll make one that is cozey enough for you to sit back and relax. Every Friday, we release a Top 5 of things we hope will make your life simpler and better.  After all, that’s what Cozey stands for; simplicity and comfort.  See you next Friday!

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