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5 Facts About Charcoal, the New Cozey Sofa Colour

26 Mar. 2021

This week, you might have realized that a new colour has made its way over to our website. If not, that’s okay: we’re presenting it to you today! Say hello to charcoal, the Cozey sofa’s newest colour addition. For introduction purposes, this week’s Top Five Friday presents 5 facts about this new Cozey sofa colour. Say hello to comfort in charcoal.

It’s finally here

Adding charcoal to our range of four colours (ivory, navy blue, light grey, and dark grey) had been trotting in our minds for quite a while. We knew we wanted to add a darker shade to our offering since dark sofas are preferred by many, but we didn’t know exactly where to go in terms of darkness. After various questionings and exciting conversations with interior and industrial designers, we decided that charcoal was the ideal shade for our Cozey family members. It’s the ultimate dark tone that any living room would like to welcome.  

It makes every other colour in the room POP

charcoal sofa comfortable

What’s fun about a dark, neutral tone is that it makes every other colour in the room POP. Be it a white throw, a soft pink decorative cushion, or a fluffy baby blue carpet, light colours will embrace the attention that the charcoal sofa offers them. 

It’s the perfect shade for people who want a dark sofa 

According to the highly-acclaimed interior design blog The Spruce,  charcoal is a sophisticated alternative to black. We couldn’t agree more. Adding a black colour has never been in our plans because we knew something better existed. And we were right. 

Charcoal can adapt to any decor 

charcoal sofa modern

Versatile and modern, a charcoal sofa is neutral and will know exactly how to suit every living room style. As mentioned above, charcoal makes every light colour POP and suits both classic decors and contemporary ones very well. It’s a timeless option if you ask us. 

After the sectional, adding the colour Charcoal was the 2nd most popular demand from consumers

The early months of 2021 have been busy for Cozey; we have officially launched a sectional sofa and a new colour. These additions and fun new features are the results of months of hard work, and our answer to the demands we have had over the previous months concerning a corner piece and a darker tone. You asked for it, and we listened. 


Every Friday, we release a Top 5 of things we hope will make your life simpler and better.  After all, that’s what Cozey stands for; simplicity and comfort.  See you next Friday!

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