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5 Iconic TV Living Rooms to Remember Forever

20 Nov. 2020

It’s no secret that most of our time is spent in the living room, sitting on the couch. It’s where we gather, where we get comfortable. Not only do everyday people enjoy their living rooms, but TV Shows’ characters also do. From Friends to Gilmore Girls, certain living rooms have surfaced from the screen and have conquered our minds and hearts. It’s where the best scenes happen and where we wish we could be. This week’s Top Five Friday presents 5 iconic TV living rooms to remember forever. Because how could we forget Monica’s retro-styled-with-floral-patterns white couch amidst the purple walls? 


iconic living room friends

As just mentioned, Monica’s living room in the well-known tv show Friends is an iconic one. We couldn’t agree less with her choices of colour, and we would love to send a Cozey ivory 3-seater her way. A necessary upgrade, if you ask us. 

The Simpsons 

iconic living room simpsons

Green, pink, purple, and orange: the four colours we would never put together in the same room in 2020. However, this colour palette seems to be what the Simpsons were all about back in 1989. We doubt orange would be a millennial’s colour of preference for a sofa, but we can guarantee it would make a statement! 

Stranger Things

stranger things

We never thought we’d say this, but a handwritten, bold alphabet on a wall is a statement we love. The Byers’ living room is one to remember, as it’s where Joyce gets out the Christmas lights well before December to prove to herself she’s not crazy. One word: RUN. 

Full House 

iconic living room full house

The home-y living room in the Tanner house located in San Francisco is where all the action occurs. We could definitely see two navy-blue Cozey armchairs replacing the current light blue chairs… Just throwing that in there.  

Gilmore Girls

gilmore girls

Lorelai and Rory form our favourite mother-daughter duo, hands-down. Living in an Inn, their home is very cozey, and their living room seems nothing less than inviting and comfortable. We dream of a day where we could have a cup of coffee with them, on their ivory 3-seater couch. 


Did you recognize any of these 5 iconic TV living rooms? Every Friday, we release a Top 5 of things we hope will make your life simpler and better.  After all, that’s what Cozey stands for; simplicity and comfort.  See you next Friday!

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