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5 Interior Decor Trends for Spring 2021

19 Mar. 2021
interior decor trends for Spring

Spring is on its way. Actually, it’s so close we can hear the birds chirp and the flowers bloom. Tomorrow (March 20th)  marks Spring’s debut, or rather, its comeback, and we couldn’t be happier. At Cozey, we’re fans of changing seasons. We have the opportunity to live in a country where all four seasons take place, and we couldn’t be happier; there’s just something about prepping for summer, fall, winter, and spring. In our best attempt to help you get ready for the upcoming months, this week’s Top Five Friday proposes 5 interior trends for Spring 2021

All About Natural Wood

trends for Spring 2021
Photo by Dave Wheeler, for Homes to Love

Rattan and natural wood are coming back as a big interior trend in Spring 2021. They bring the earthy tone and feel a living room needs without making it feel like it’s too much. An excellent way to incorporate raw wood in your interior is to swap your current accessories for ones with brownish hues. You could even change your entire dining room table, given that Spring is always a good moment for a bit of change. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to welcome wood and rattan in all their splendor this season. 

Bring on the Pastels 

Interior Decor Trends

This interior trend is one you knew you would find here because what exactly is Spring without pastel colours? Pastels speak Spring, and they make us wish sun rays and blue skies would last all year-long. Be it soft pink, chick yellow, or baby blue; pastel colours will make your interior more joyful and welcoming. 

Statement Luminaire

Interior Decor Trends statement luminaire
Via Etsy

This interior trend is a quick fix that won’t go unnoticed. This Spring, opt for a gorgeous luminaire, one that sets the tone for the room and speaks volumes. Choosing a statement luminaire in raw wood can be an excellent way to combine two of these 5 interior trends for Spring 2021. Whichever luminaire you choose, make sure to choose one that represents you and your lifestyle. If it’s in your living room, you want it to become a part of your home and flow with both your interior decor and your personality. 

Swap Your Sofa’s Decorative Cushions

trends for Spring 2021 pastel cushions

This one is more of a tip than a trend, but it’s also a quick, easy fix. We think it is always a good idea to swap your sofa’s decorative cushions every season. You can then easily set the mood for a new beginning without necessarily splurging. Your Cozey sectional sofa will feel like it is born again once you decorate it with fresh, vibrant-coloured pillows and throws! 

Flowers. Plants. Everywhere. 

flowers and plants home decor

This one is a trend that follows a green-thumb through all four seasons: incorporating plants and flowers into their home decor. However, some of us prefer to give it a shot only during the sunnier and warmer months, and that’s fine. Whatever you do, make sure to implement plants and easy-to-take-care-of flowers to your interior. They know how to make a home feel homier, and everything about them screams SPRING. And we love that. 


Every Friday, we release a Top 5 of things we hope will make your life simpler and better.  After all, that’s what Cozey stands for; simplicity and comfort.  See you next Friday!

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