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5 Tips for a Perfect Movie Night

29 May. 2020

Movie nights are great. Like, really great. They’re even more fun when they’re in the comfort of your living room, on your Cozey modular sofa, all food and blankets included. Not only are movie nights at home lots of fun, but they’re also super simple to host. Because we’re here to help you live a simpler, better life, this week’s Top Five Friday regroups 5 of our best tips for a perfect movie night. So gather your friends, family, roommates, stuffed animals, real animals, pillows, and throws; the movie is about to start. 

Make it a Tuesday or Wednesday night

Notice how you keep fun things for the weekend? We recommend you switch things up a bit, by hosting a movie night on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. Why wait till the weekend to relax and have fun? Tuesdays and Wednesdays are great because they “cut your week” in half, so you feel like it goes by quickly. And by the time you remember all the fun you had, it’s 5pm on a Friday. Yay!

Get. All. The. Snacks.

homemade popcorn
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Definitely the best part. Is it just us or a movie night with candy, chocolate and popcorn to munch on is sooo much better than one without? Say hello to Twizzlers, Skittles, KitKats and popcorn! Want to go the extra mile? Make your own popcorn (recipe here) and season it with flavours like ranch, bacon, and nacho cheddar. At Cozey, our all-time favourites are definitely caramel and white cheddar. We recommend you mix these 2 flavours evenly in your popcorn to achieve the ultimate sweet & salty taste. So. Freakin’. Good. 

BYO Pajamas

Does this even need an explanation? We’re firm believers that a movie night and pajamas go hand in hand. So tell your family members, roommates or friends to wear theirs. It will create a cozy atmosphere and make everyone feel comfortable and at home. Be it a onesie, a nightshirt and shorts, or baggy sweatpants and a college hoodie, the goal here is to get into comfortable clothes. Trust us, pajamas are definitely a game changer. 

Grab Pillows 

cozy movie night
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Small pillows. Big pillows. Feathery pillows. All pillows. Find them, grab them, and bring them to your living room. Pillows are great to make everyone comfortable. Not only that, but they also make a great friend to hold onto if the movie gets scary. Not too sure Jessica would enjoy you grabbing her arm for 2 hours straight. So to spare everyone from getting their personal bubbles burst and to avoid next-day arm bruises, grab all the pillows you can find and give one to every person. They can rest their head on it, sit on it, grab onto it, hide their eyes with it; you get the point. Pillows are essential here, trust us. 

Choose a movie. Just do it.

It’s undeniable: choosing a movie as a group is pretty hard, and can even get out of hand at times. To avoid conflicts and misunderstandings, we recommend that you either:

1. Personally choose the movie you’re all going to watch beforehand, and simply press PLAY, no matter what people think or say (after all, you’re the host here), or

2. Let everyone write down the movie they  want to watch on individual pieces of paper, and then draw one from a hat. The title of the movie you pick is the movie you’re all watching. No whining permitted (Jessica better not be complaining this time). 

We hope you enjoyed reading about our best tips for a perfect movie night! Don’t forget: the ideal movie night is one that you host at home, with people you love, on a weeknight. Happy Friday! 

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