5 Tips to Know If the Couch You Are Buying Online Is Comfortable

11 Sep. 2020
buying online

Buying a couch online can be tricky. After all, there’s no way to verify how it looks, and you don’t know how comfortable it is.  And since you will most likely be spending a reasonable amount of time on that couch, you probably feel like you have to try it first.  But with the amount of information that we have on the internet today, there is no reason why you should feel unsure of buying a couch online.  We believe that if you do a little research, you shouldn’t have any surprises when the sofa gets delivered to your place.  You should know exactly what to expect. 

However, we have to admit that on the comfort side, there are a couple of things that you should look out for. To help you the best we can, this week’s Top Five Friday suggests 5 tips to know if the couch you are buying online is comfortable. 

Look at Past Reviews

Buy online reviews

Even though this tip can seem ordinary, it is by far the most effective one.  Chances are, you are not the first one buying that same couch you want.  Hence, other people already know if it’s comfortable.  And guess what?  People love talking about their online purchases.  From their comments, you will be able to tell with more certainty if others like the couch’s comfort.  The level of detail that you can find in the reviews section is nowhere else to be found.  Not even salespeople at the store know that much information.  You will be able to know how firm it is versus other couches if it gets softer with time, and then judge whether your friends would like it too.  Past reviews are great!  Take some time to look at them. For instance, Cozey holds 90+ reviews; take a look

Check the Cushion Filling

cushion feather filling

Sofa cushions have many types of fillings. Not sure about the difference between foam, polyester, and feathers?  Foam is the most common type of filling for couches.  The low-density foam will favor softness over high-density foam, which usually has a firmer feel.  Polyester is mostly chosen for tight-budget sofas, but can also be great.  Soft polyester has a smooth and quality feel to it while being relatively resistant to time.  Feathers are ideal for those who love the softness in their couches.  They are certainly a great quality addition but don’t dry super well if wet. Plus, a feather filling tends to be on the expensive side of the spectrum.  Because we want to offer the best comfort possible, the Cozey sofa’s cushions are made of a hybrid mix of polyfoam and pocket coils. Depending on your firmness/softness preferences and your budget, choose something that fits your needs.  

Verify the Seating Dimensions

seating dimensions

Even though you can’t try it, you can already know very well how you will fit on your new couch.  Most companies will provide you with a complete guide of dimensions that will give you all the information you need. First, verify the height of the seating.  Average heights are 17” to 18”, but the standard remains between 15” and 20”.  Then comes depth.  A depth of 21” to 25” is standard.  However, a low couch might need to be deeper, while the inverse is also true.  A good rule of thumb can be that the addition of the depth and the height is optimal when between 38” and 44”.  Depending on your height and depth preferences, you can adjust.    

Double-Check the Fabric

velvet fabric sofa

If you think there are lots to think about when buying a couch, then sit tight because there are even more types of fabric to think of!  When it comes to materials, we suggest that you keep it simple.  The most popular are certainly polyester, microfiber, leather, velvet, and linen.  They all have their advantages and disadvantages, but we would recommend staying with polyester or leather, depending on your budget.  Polyester fibers are durable, look good, and tend to breathe, and they are also eco-friendly due to their decomposing time.  

Leather, on the other end, is also durable, easy to maintain, and looks better than any other material.  However, you will pay a hefty premium to get leather.  On the comfort side, microfiber and velvet are the obvious choices due to their soft texture, but can both be difficult to clean. 

Ask About the Back Angle

lounge on sofa

Even if all the previous criteria fits your needs and matches what you are looking for, you will not be comfortable without the right back angle.  Do you like sofas that sit you straight?  Or prefer ones who almost keep you on the horizontal?  If you like to sit upright, an angle of 100-110 degrees is recommended. Meanwhile, if you like the lounging part a little more, you should go with an angle that approximates the 130 degrees.  If you are not sure, then maybe go for the middle at 115 degrees?  Anyhow, when you find out the angle of the sofa you are looking to purchase, make sure to compare it with other alternatives and ask yourself if it is really what you would want. In any case, we are confident that even the sofa salesman in-store doesn’t know the angle of his sofas.  You have much more information online, so why not use it?     


Buying a couch online can be daunting, but we hope we have reassured you a little! Every Friday, we release a Top 5 of things we hope will make your life a bit simpler and better.  After all, that’s what Cozey stands for.  See you next Friday!

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