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5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Cozey Sofa

26 Jun. 2020
Cozey Sofa

This week’s Top Five Friday was made to help you get comfortable. Follow these tips to fully enjoy your Cozey sofa!

Put on your favorite pyjamas, get comfortable & binge-watch


Your Cozey sofa-in-a-box is always ready for a long night of binge-watching.  Whether you kick your feet up on the ottoman or use the entire length of the sofa to get ready to fall asleep, Cozey’s got your back!  But before you do any of this, make sure to get as cozy as possible in your favorite PJs…  By the way, there is no such thing as procrastinating. You’re simply relaxing your brain.   

Invite friends over, pour yourselves some wine & enjoy

wine and friends

Few things are better than inviting friends over for dinner. While you’re opening a good bottle of wine, introduce them to your Cozey sofa and make them feel comfortable. You can even brag about how you assembled it yourself. Enjoy your night! 

Turn on the TV, close your eyes & nap


There is no better excuse for a nap than to turn on the TV and “accidentally” fall asleep on your Cozey sofa.  Some shows are better than others for that.  Golf, for example, is a prime candidate for naps on a Sunday… Same for cooking and beauty shows.  We all know you had no intention of napping, it just happened to be…

Pick a book, sit back & relax

read book

Picture yourself reading a good book, coffee in hand, under a blanket, on a Cozey sofa.  We’ll just keep it at that.  That’s enough dreaming for today.

Snap it, post it & show it off

social media

We’re not saying you should brag too much about it, but you can certainly be proud of it.  That’s a pretty cool sofa you got there. Take a picture of your Cozey sofa and upload it to your social media using #CozeyLiving.  The entire Cozey family wants to see what it looks like! 

Top Five Friday

Every Friday, we release a Top 5 of things we hope will make your life a bit simpler and better.  After all, that’s what Cozey stands for.  See you next Friday!

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