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5 Ways to Hit the Refresh Button This Spring

21 May. 2021

May is coming to an end and will soon make way for the hotter weeks of June and July. What’s better than Summer? The last weeks before it! We are in the ideal in-between; it’s not cold anymore, it’s sunny, and people are finally getting happier, and we’re just all excited for the perfect weather. To help you be your most comfortable self, we decided that this week’s Top 5 Friday should hold 5 ways to hit the refresh button this Spring. Because you can; it’s not too late!

Get Outside 

There is truly nothing better than spending the entire day in the great outdoors. We’re fans of taking it slow on Sunday mornings, but we also love making the most out of weekends outside. To hit the refresh button this Spring, make sure to spend some time outside. Be it sipping your morning coffee at sunrise, enjoying a 5:00 pm cocktail on your patio or going for a 5-hour walk in the mountains, make sure to get all the vitamin D you can! You’ll be set for Summer. 😉 

Write it Out

Keeping a journal, as a gratitude notebook, can positively impact your life and your weekdays. On days where everything seems to be going fast, take a 10-minute break to reflect on what in your day is going well or what is making you happy. Doing this throughout the day will help you remain balanced, or doing it in the morning only will set positive intentions for your day.

Make Time

Make time to FaceTime friends, make time to go camping. Make time to bake your favourite cookies, and make time to take time for yourself. Whatever you do: Make. Time. 

Get Some Sleep 

Getting some sleep is often overused by many people when deciding to hit the refresh button. It’s easier said than done and tends to last for only a small period of time. We recommend that you switch up your sleeping schedule; why not go to bed earlier, and let go of your phone an hour before? This will help you come back to essentials and connect back to yourself. 

Organize Your Space 

An organized desk for an organized mind. Hitting refresh and deciding to be your best self won’t happen overnight, but we’re firm believers that small steps towards a more organized work-life will overly make you feel better. If you’re starting to think that you have too much on your mind, why not deep clean your workspace? Rearrange your furniture, make some space for plants. Whatever you do, do it so that you’ll be more



Every Friday, we release a Top 5 of things we hope will make your life simpler and better.  After all, that’s what Cozey stands for; simplicity and comfort.  See you next Friday!

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