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5 Ways to Relax After Spending a Day in the Sun

4 Jun. 2021

With warmer, sunnier days come hours and hours spent in the sun. We love the outdoors, and we’re big fans of picnics, relaxing by the pool, and hiking. We also love downtime, and the most fun part of days spent in the sunshine is the time that comes after, where we can decompress and take in the calmness of an end-of-day. Because June’s hotter days are approaching, if not already here, this week’s Top Five Friday proposes 5 ways to relax after spending a day in the sun.

Hydrate your skin 

The best way to relax after spending a day in the sun is assuredly jumping in the shower and hydrating your skin with your favourite moisturizer. There’s just something so calming about taking the sunscreen off and applying lotion on all the places we might have a sunburn. Both essential and fun, hydrating your skin after a day outside will help you relax and enjoy your evening!

Lounge in your favourite bathrobe

What comes after the shower? The bathrobe! After moisturizing your skin from top to bottom and getting in a relaxing mindset, why not put on your bathrobe for maximum comfort? We love summer evenings where wearing a bathrobe from early on is accepted (anything can be done in the summer, right?). Lounging on a Cozey sofa, all hydrated and comfortable, in a bathrobe is pretty much our definition of a dream come true.

Prep an easy, new meal

With hotter days come new tastes. After spending a day in the sun, you might feel more tired and want to prep a quick meal, which is fresh and takes no time to put together. Opt for a nutritious salad, poke bowls or anything with bright-coloured veggies! It will give your body all the vitamins it needs after a day spent outdoors!

Grab that book you haven’t started

You know that book you brought to the park today but didn’t end up reading? The same one you leave on the coffee table, thinking it might start itself. Yeah, that one. Well, why not grab it and start reading? After a day spent playing games in the hot weather, your mind will need some relaxation too. Read a couple of pages (or chapters) and let yourself escape reality for a little bit. Even better if it’s on a Cozey sectional!

Write in your journal about your day

Journaling has positive benefits that many of us know about, yet we never really give it a chance. Because you probably spent a fantastic day strolling around the city and picnicking at the park, why not write about it? Grab a notebook and a pen, and let yourself remember all the great moments you spent. It will set the tone for a quiet, relaxing evening, all while allowing you to relive this fun, sunny day. 


Every Friday, we release a Top 5 of things we hope will make your life simpler and better.  After all, that’s what Cozey stands for; simplicity and comfort.  See you next Friday!

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