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5 Ways to Style your Ivory Cozey Sofa

9 Jul. 2021

It’s Summer, and you just moved into your new city apartment, on the third floor, apartment C. It’s hot, but the windows are open, and you love the breeze. Thursday evening: you were browsing the internet, looking for a new sofa, when you stumbled on Cozey’s website. Huh, a modular sofa that comes in… boxes? After scrolling through the different colour offerings, your heart decided on ivory. Slope arms… or bloc arms? Bloc! More modern; sleeker. 

The sofa is now on its way and should be arriving in the next 2 days. Two days to find the perfect accessories, you think to yourself. From carpets to lighting, your living room is lacking every design aspect you can think of. That’s where we come in.

Welcome to the Cozey family! We’re glad to meet you; we’re Cozey, and we want to help you live simply. We love to help out whenever we can. That’s why this week’s Top 5 Friday proposes 5 ways to style your ivory Cozey sofa. 

Go Neutral 

Ivory being neutral itself, don’t be scared to pair your sofa with other neutrals like tan and beige. Why not pair your ivory Cozey sofa with a wooden side table and a cream lamp? It will give sophistication to your living room and brighten it up. In addition, pairing your ivory sofa with same-tone cushions will bring dimension and even more comfort! 

Go Colourful 

ivory sofa

If you prefer a colourful route that lies on the eclectic side of things, pair your ivory Cozey sofa with vivid warm tones like oranges and corals or blues and greens. Why not opt for a statement wall with bright-coloured wallpaper? Undeniably, it will make your Cozey sofa stand out in the best way. 

Prioritize Throws 

When people think of ivory, they often think “dirty.” We have to admit it–ivory can be a little risky if you have an entire household that loves to snack in front of the TV. However, adding throws can be an easy way to reassure yourself and your guests to sit and relax on the sofa. Throws make any sofa more inviting!

Find a Pretty Rug 

Because ivory is a light neutral, pairing a rug to your sofa will be as easy as it can be! You can either opt for a neutral-coloured rug or go all in and pick a carpet with various colour schemes and patterns.

Get all the cushions 

Cozey ivory sofa, evening, sunset

Cushions are like throws, meaning that they’re here to make your life even more cozy and comfortable (and pretty!). Don’t be scared to go all-in with cushions. Again, choosing from neutral or colourful options is a personal decision. Still, we highly recommend you add at least 1 cushion per number of seats you have. If you have a 3-seater, add 3 decorative pillows (minimum…). 


Every Friday, we release a Top 5 of things we hope will make your life simpler and better.  After all, that’s what Cozey stands for; simplicity and comfort.  See you next Friday!

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