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Cozey, Canada’s First Sofa-In-A-Box, Expands to Sectionals

13 Mar. 2021
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Cozey is proud to announce the launch of the Sectional sofa. 8 months after launching Canada’s first sofa-in-a-box, Cozey is now releasing its first sectional and L-shaped sofas. Cozey is adding corner and lounging chaise modules to their collection of customizable sofa modules. This will allow customers to personalize even larger sofas, without the hassle of trying to fit a huge sofa in tight doors and stairways. Members of the Cozey family will also be able to add the new modules to their existing sofas!

This innovation highlights Cozey’s mission to create simpler and better furniture for Canadians. “Customers have been asking for a sectional piece since the day we launched, and today we delivered.” explains CEO & founder Frédéric Aubé. “It’s certainly the next step in helping our customers simplify their experience when moving into a new home or reconfiguring their space. The Cozey sectional will ship quickly to you, fit through any door or stairway, requires tool-free assembly, and can be expanded and adapted when you move or renovate. Plus, it’s marvelously comfortable and is perfect for afternoon naps with the entire family or late-night binge-watching!”   

On top of these new additions, the Montreal-based company plans to further its personalization efforts in the upcoming weeks. “When people think furniture personalization, they think 10–12-week lead time. We want to take this and bring personalization to 2–4-day shipping across the country.” The new chaise and corner modules allow the customization of the sectional’s shape. And this is only the beginning for Cozey, according to Aubé. “We have new arm designs and new fabrics that we’ll be launching soon, but there is much more coming. There is a world of possibilities. Whether it be new designs, leg choices or even cushion firmness. And we have the right team to make it come to life.”  

When asked about the future of furniture e-commerce in a post-pandemic world, the company said that online purchases will probably continue to increase significantly. However, they do not spend too much time thinking about that. Instead, Cozey is laser-focused on building things customers will always look for- pandemic or not. This includes a simple and effortless experience; a customizable product, based on customers’ wants & needs; and the best quality for the price on the market. Today’s sectional release is a manifestation of that vision. 

The Cozey Story: Introducing Canada’s First Sectional Sofa-in-a-Box

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