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What is Cozey’s Return Policy?

30 Jun. 2020
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At Cozey, we definitely know how shopping for furniture can be quite an experience. More often than not, we leave the store empty handed with a headache caused by the buzzing neon lights at the ceiling. And if we actually have the possibility to buy the table we first saw when we entered the store (because it’s in stock and reasonably priced) we still have to stand at the cashier for a good hour, dealing with paperwork on the return policy, or just waiting in line since it’s a big sale day and everyone had the same idea when they woke up. In short, nothing about furniture shopping is really appealing. Except maybe for the cute sales associate trying to convince us to buy a bedroom kit, when what we really want are counter stools. But other than that, nothing is really fun about it. 

Cozey decided to create a smooth, untroublesome customer experience by offering an online alternative to sofa shopping in Canada. Not only is buying a Cozey modular sofa very easy, but returning one is just as simple. Because we know that online sofa shopping–just like online shopping for anything else, really–is difficult and that there is no guarantee of whether or not you’ll like the sofa you just bought, Cozey’s return policy is as easy as 1,2,3. 

Do I have a trial period to test it out?

Since we want to give you enough time to make sure you’re comfortable on your sofa, Cozey offers a 30-day free trial. This way, you have all the time you need to test it out and decide if you want it to become a part of your life (because it will, trust us). You have 30 days to sit on it, nap on it, binge-watch on it and everything else you could think of on it.  If it doesn’t fit your needs, we will take it back, for free. For free? Yeah, for free.  Simply keep the original boxes. Already recycled them? We will send you new boxes at your own cost. 

I spent two weeks testing it and I’ve decided the Cozey sofa isn’t for me. What do I do? 

We’re so sad to hear this… But hey, it’s okay if it wasn’t love at first sit with your Cozey sofa; we understand. If you decide that the Cozey sofa is not for you,  you can contact us directly at and we will make sure to process your request as soon as possible. The Cozey team will send you a return label for your boxes and give you more information on how to proceed. We told you; we’ve got your back! Always. 

As soon as we make sure that the sofa you have returned is not intentionally damaged and that there is no other problem with it, we will proceed with the refund.  You can expect a few days delay, but we are usually pretty quick.

Returning my Cozey sofa is free? Like totally free?

Returning your sofa is free if it is within your 30-day free trial period and that you have kept your original boxes. Pretty good deal, huh? That’s what we call a friendly return policy!

We’re sad to see you go…

Even though we’re convinced you and your Cozey sofa are truly made for eachother, we have no other choice but to respect your decision. 

Cozey is shaped around the will to help people live better, simpler lives. We know everyone deserves comfort without having to compromise simplicity and tranquility simultaneously. We’ve got your back, and we hope to see you again quite soon. 

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