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Cozey’s Firmness and Stability: A Rundown

31 Aug. 2020
firmness of Cozey sofa

Buying a sofa online can seem daunting at first. After all, you know nothing about its firmness, whether it’s comfortable, stable, or of good quality. No matter how much time you spend reading the comments Jessica, David, and other people wrote, you still don’t know if it’s the perfect match for you. Because yes, your sofa will become your best friend, and yes, you must find one you know you’ll be comfortable with. At Cozey, we intensely focus on offering the best value proposition you can find in the sofa industry. Not only that, but we genuinely want the members of the Cozey family (i.e., you) to feel what marvelous comfort is all about the second they sit down on their couches.

So what exactly makes Cozey plush, you ask? How firm is it? And what about stability? Because quality goes deeper than appearance, we think it is important to give you all the information on the frame, support, and overall firmness of the Cozey sofa. This way, you will have all the information required to make the best buying decision possible. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the Cozey family!

The Frame

Without a frame, the Cozey sofa would not be a Cozey sofa. How long a couch will last and keep its shape depends on the structure (and it makes total sense). At Cozey, the sofas’ frames are made of kiln-dried larch. Now, we bet you’re wondering what kiln-dried is all about. In short, the kiln drying method dismisses all moisture from the wood. This is what makes the wood keep its shape and stability over the years. Oh, and many professionals say that the best sofa frames are made of kiln-dried lumber. We thought it’d be right for you to know.

The Support

The importance of the seating support goes alongside the sofa’s frame. A solid, well-made frame will add to the sofa’s support, firmness, and overall comfort. No one wants a saggy sofa, nor one that is as hard as a rock. We thought it was essential to offer generous support in our best attempt to provide a perfect, comfortable couch. For this reason, the Cozey sofa’s cushions are made of a hybrid mix of polyfoam and pocket coils for maximum comfort. 

However, we certainly know how comfort is a very subjective term, and its definition may vary from one person to another. Not only this but knowing if a sofa is comfortable by looking at it on a web page is, we have to admit, very hard. To facilitate the research process to give you the best answer possible, we asked many members of the Cozey family what they thought of the overall firmness of their Cozey sofas. To make it easier, we asked them to range their opinion on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being very soft and 10 being very firm). This way, with their answers and feedback, we would be able to give an exact answer when people ask about the Cozey sofa’s firmness. 

Cozey sofa firmness scale

The Firmness

As we conducted our survey, it became clear to us that what people love the most about the Cozey sofa’s firmness is the difference in the firmness of the back and seat cushions. Indeed, both cushions differ in compactness, resulting in the seat cushions being firmer than the back ones. This ultimately makes the sofa well-rounded, as it provides both softness and firmness simultaneously. For instance, the average number to describe the seat cushions’ firmness is a 6.5, and 4 is the average firmness for the back cushions. These results clearly show how the Cozey sofa is overall balanced in terms of firmness.

Although the seat cushions are voted firmer than average, it is important to note that they will get softer over the years. As for the back cushions, they are more delicate and plush, making them your back’s best friends! People love the combination of softness and firmness of their Cozey sofas since it gives them the best of both worlds. Not only this, but they love the support the sofa provides them with. Many love that they can lounge on it and sit on it comfortably, without hurting their backs from a bad posture. 


Whether you love sinking in your sofa or prefer sitting up straight, Cozey will be there to support you, no matter what. Wow, talk about a great friend! Although its seat cushions tend to be on the firmer side of things, keep in mind that they will become softer overtime without becoming too weak either. As for the back cushions, they’ll make you feel relaxed, without hurting your back. Although we might be a little biased, we can assure you that the Cozey sofa is perfectly balanced. It was thought-out and designed by professionals who wanted to prioritize comfort before anything else. And it shows.

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