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Cozey Launches as Canada’s First-Ever “Sofa-In-A-Box” Company

9 Jun. 2020
Cozey sofa in a box

The first sofa to underprice convenience, design, and comfort; ready to be assembled in your living room

The Canadian-based company announced today that its comfortable sofa-in-a-box is now available to be ordered on Cozey. Shipped directly from Montreal, Cozey offers a convenient and innovative solution to heavy and pricey sofas by re-thinking the way they are sold and moved in-and-out of rooms.

Offered in navy blue, ivory, and two shades of grey, each Cozey seat comes into its own box and the final product takes only a few minutes to assemble. “Three million Canadians move every year. We were tired of seeing households figuring out ways to hustle their hefty sofas through the door and tight stairways”, says founder Frederic Aubé. “We wanted to offer something that could be assembled and disassembled  with no tools or skills required.”

Plus, with prices starting at 495$ and free shipping, Cozey will not only save you lots of time, but also many dollars. Besides the price of the couch, its design and quality were the focus of the company before the launch. “When I was shopping for a couch, I looked for 4 things: quality, comfort, design and a good price. No couch had all four. That is exactly what we tried to solve with Cozey.” The company’s strategy seems to be working with early-adopters: “The Cozey sofa is as comfortable as one can be and the quality of the materials make it look and feel like a luxury couch” assures Florence. Moreover, orders will usually arrive in less than a week everywhere in Canada, with a 30-day risk-free and hassle-free trial.

The method used by Cozey to offer a cheaper solution vis-à-vis other alternatives relies on its different approach to shipping and delivery. Whereas regular sofas can cost up to 700$ to ship and orders can take weeks to come in, Cozey’s cost and delivery time is a fraction of that. “Our manufacturing & design teams were innovative in the way they conceptualized and packaged our sofa in a box. It ends up saving the customer hundreds of dollars and lots of assembly time.”, explains the founder.

Comfort for Everyone

In its mission to deliver marvelous comfort to all, the Montreal startup is also partnering with homeless shelters, such as Mission Old Brewery in Montreal, for its Comfort Box program. Cozey’s Comfort Box usually combines needed items, such as warm socks, hygiene products, and underwear.  “We believe it is important for Cozey to get involved in the community and create a positive impact. For every sofa sold, we donate a Comfort Box to a person in need. Everyone deserves to be comfortable and the Comfort Box allows us to leave no one behind.”   

Cozey is very excited to help households across Canada upgrade their living rooms and moving habits. “This is a very exciting day for the company and future Cozey customers. We are more than ever focused on providing you with fantastic afternoon naps and a nice-looking piece of furniture that you deserve.”

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