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5 Coffee Tables to Keep Your Cozey Sofa Company

4 Sep. 2020
coffee tables

Along with fall’s colder temperature come darker days and cozier nights, nestled in the living room. At Cozey, we are firm believers that nothing beats a Friday night at home on a windy, stormy autumn evening. Getting our favourite takeout, wearing our comfiest clothes, and watching a new Netflix Original series might just be what we’ve been dreaming of lately. Because eating in the living room can get messy, and because you don’t want to make a whole mess on your brand new Cozey modular sofa, we highly recommend that you start thinking of getting a coffee table. Coffee tables are ideal for dining-in, and they’re just a great addition to any living room. They fill the void and add an element of practicality without killing the style of your home decor.

Hence, this week’s Top Five Friday presents five coffee tables to keep your cozey sofa company. Trust us, coffee tables are a game-changer. 

Osaka Coffee Table, Structube

coffee table

Thanks to this coffee table’s retro shape, adding mid-century modern style to a living room has never been this easy. It comes in black, brown, and white, and we are confident that any of the three would perfectly suit your Cozey sofa. 

Vector Coffee Table, Structube

coffee tables

We love this coffee table for its minimalist design and rounded shape. Not only is it an appealing option, but it is also an efficient one, as it offers storage space. We love its colour, and we think it would perfectly match your Cozey sofa’s legs. 

Finnell Coffee Table, Wayfair 

wayfair coffee table

Wayfair’s Finnell coffee table has a simple round shape, a glass top, and four straight legs. Its clean, delicate lines would ultimately add to any modern or contemporary living room. It will add finesse and glamour to your Cozey sofa. 

Alex Coffee Table, Must 

coffee tables Must

This option lies on the more expensive side of the spectrum, but its quality materials and simplicity make it one that will endure the test of spilled pasta bowls and glasses of wine. Scandinavian style at its finest! 

Ullervad Coffee Table, Ikea 

coffee table

We love the fact that this Ullervad coffee table is on casters. This addition makes it useful as it allows you to move it around on at your liking. Its industrial look is perfect for anyone looking to add boldness to their living room. It is reasonably priced, but you might want to take into consideration that Ikea often provides headaches along with the assembly of the product.


We love anything home decor and interior design! We hope you’ll consider getting one of these coffee tables to keep your Cozey sofa company. Every Friday, we release a Top 5 of things we hope will make your life a bit simpler and better.  After all, that’s what Cozey stands for.  See you next Friday!

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