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The assembly time really depends on the number of seats that you have. 15 minutes per seat is a pretty good approximation. Just take it easy and take it slow. You’ll be getting comfortable soon enough.
We suggest you assemble the Cozey sofa with a friend. While it is not impossible to do it alone, a two-player assembly will be much easier and much more fun. A solo assembly can cause many problems when comes the time to fixing the legs since no one will compress the sofa for you.
Locking in the first arm can seem frustrating since it is the first module you are assembling. You’ll get better as you go. Make sure to only link one connector at a time. Many prefer to connect the one of the seat base first. It is also preferable to have the bottom of the arm touching the bottom of the seat base to correctly align the connectors. It can take a few tries to correctly position the male connector into the female. Once one connector is in, link the second connector by applying some pressure at an angle to make it slide in. Make sure to take a look at the hardware to understand the sliding.
Of course! As you can see, the female connector is made at an angle to catch and lock-in the male connector. Hence, a good tip is to align the male and female connectors and apply pressure on the module at that same angle. Once the first connector is in, repeat for the second connector, but you might have to push it a little harder for this one. Don’t be afraid to play with the angle and the position of the connectors to push it in.
If the leg holes and hand screws won’t align on the vertical, it means that the edge of your modules is not aligned (ie. one seat is higher than its neighbor). To fix this problem, make sure to apply downward pressure with your body weight on the highest module to clip them in place. If the leg holes are too far apart on the horizontal and the hand screws for the leg plate won’t fit, make sure to ask your friend to compress the sofa. This will bring in the holes closer together for you to fix the leg plate appropriately. You can also use the toggle latch very lightly to bring in the sofa together, but make sure to go easy on them to avoid causing damage to the toggle. If the leg holes are too close together and can’t be screwed in, it usually means that the toggle latches are on and that they are too tight. Unlatch the toggles and start over.
It is certainly normal that the leg holes on the module appear to be too wide for the leg plate. However, this is perfectly fine. Ask a friend to compress the sofa for you to screw the leg plate in. If the holes are still too wide, carefully use the toggle latch to bring in the sofa together, but make sure to go easy on them to avoid causing damage to the toggle. Once the leg plate is screwed in, easily close the toggle.
Correctly hand-screwing the legs requires the holes and the screws to be properly aligned. Once this is done, alternate between hand-screws to make sure the plate is screwed evenly from both sides. The legs are screwed in properly when it lays flat on the bottom of the sofa and that there is no movement when trying to shake the leg.
The moral of the story is that if you got the legs screwed that tight, we can certainly get them back unscrewed. First, if you screwed the legs with the toggles off, make sure to unlatch the toggles before trying to unscrew them, and vice-versa. Second, if someone was compressing the sofa when you were screwing the legs, ask someone to compress the sofa again to help you. In the case that steps above don’t prove successful, you can always use some sort of wrench or clamp to unscrew them. This should be a last resort option, but can still do the job quite well.
If the toggles can’t close because they do not align with latches, it usually means that the edge of the modules at the top are not even. To align the modules, apply downward pressure with your body weight on the highest module to clip them in place. If the misalignment is minimal, it is also possible to fix the alignment with downward or upward pressure on the toggle to connect it to the latch. But it is always better to fix the modules first.
The toggles are not designed for tight clamping and might break if too tight. The toggles should be easy to close and only bring in the modules together slightly.
Usually, this problem occurs with the left arm and the left seat when the toggle rests just below the arm frame and it is impossible to get your fingers underneath. The easiest way to lift up the toggles is to use the hand portion of a butter knife and lift gently to create separation.
Don’t worry! This usually happens when the leg plate is not entirely flat on the bottom of the sofa or that you screwed in one bolt tighter than the other one. To fix the problem, make sure that the plate lays flat on the bottom of the sofa and play around with the tightness of the screws on each side to straighten the leg out.
Of course, and we hope you do! Cut the tape off and fold the boxes on themselves to save space for your neighbors :)