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How Can I Properly Clean My Cozey Sofa?

26 Aug. 2020
clean Cozey sofa

So you spilled your morning coffee on your Cozey sofa. Uh oh. You were reading the newspaper when Adam, your youngest, ran to you, oblivious of the fact that your coffee cup was quite full. He didn’t have bad intentions, not at all, but him running to you on a hectic Tuesday morning while you’re calmly sitting down and sipping your coffee might not have been the best decision. Down the coffee went, all over your pajamas and your Cozey sofa’s left seat cushion. Oops. Now you’re just staring at the mess, not knowing what to do. How should you clean your Cozey sofa? You know it isn’t recommended (not at all recommended, actually) to put the Cozey fabric covers in the washing machine, so you’re googling the best tips for cleaning coffee stains on a fabric sofa. You can’t find any article written other than one written in 2009, so you’re starting to panic. 

To help you the best we can, we put ourselves in your shoes one morning and decided to spill a coffee on our Cozey sofa. We did so voluntarily since we didn’t have an Adam with infinite energy to run around and knock it down for us. We tested four methods to clean a Cozey sofa and discovered that some work better than others, while some simply don’t work. This way, when things spill or go wrong, you’ll know exactly what to do with your Cozey sofa’s covers. But whatever you do, please don’t put them in your cleaning machine. Just don’t. Follow our practical tips on spot-cleaning your Cozey sofa instead; you’ll thank us later. 

First and Foremost

Make general cleaning and maintenance of your sofa a habit. No one wants to sit on a couch with week-old crumbs and heavy dust. For both you and your sofa’s sakes, vacuum the seat and back cushions at least once every two weeks. Check if your vacuum head is clean. If it isn’t, it cancels out your cleaning process in no time. After all the dust and cookie crumbs are gone, feel free to flip and fluff the cushions. Rotating your sofa’s cushions might seem trivial, but it truly helps your sofa appear younger.

Getting Back to that Spilled Coffee

Let’s rewind a bit to the part where you’re staring at the mess happening on your light grey Cozey sofa. An astonished, furious expression settles on your face as you’re trying to debate what to do. Fortunately for you, the following steps should help you spot-clean your Cozey sofa and make Adam stop crying for what just happened. It’s not his fault, nor is it yours. Small situations like these happen to people that make the most out of living comfortably; trust us.

Step 1: Absorb the liquid

Whether it’s mac&cheese sauce or drops of coffee, grab a paper towel to absorb the substance gently. You mustn’t blot or rub, as this would cause the stain to go deeper into the fabric. Absorb as much of the liquid possible before heading to the following steps. 

Step 2: Clean the stain

This step is the one why you’re here. Like mentioned earlier, we spilled our coffees as well to test the best cleaning method. We tested four methods to wash the stains and discovered that some work better than others, while some are less promising. 

Method #1: Hand Soap & Lukewarm Water

This method is probably the easiest and simplest one. We suggest that you use hand soap, the one you have on your bathroom counter, and a damp washcloth. Squirt out a few pumps of hand soap on the latter and blot the stain. Then, rinse the stain with a clean, wet washcloth. You certainly want to rub a little, and you can repeat the steps as necessary, but make sure not to saturate the fabric.

When we tried this method, we were very skeptical at first, and we felt like it would not clean the Cozey fabric. However, the day after, the cover was dry, and the stain was gone. All in all, this method is the simplest one in terms of success! 

Method #2: Baby Cleansing Wipe 


Baby wipes are ideal for spot-cleaning fabric. They’re remarkably gentle so that they won’t damage the material, and they’re relatively dry, so there’s no chance of over-saturating your covers. We would recommend that you use a baby cleansing wipe for small, gentle stains. Because they’re a dryer method and not very watery, baby cleansing wipes tend to be a better option for minor, lighter spots.

As we tested this method on the coffee stain, we found it hard at first to rub since the baby wipe is not very wet and lies more on the dry side of the spectrum. It did not result in getting the stain entirely off, as it left a yellowish spot on the cover. The lack of water probably caused this. However, baby wipes can correctly do the job for mild stains and smaller spills if you do not have access to water and soap. 

Method #3: Scotchgard Fabric & Carpet Cleaner


The Scotchgard Fabric & Carpet Cleaner seemed to be the most promising method of all. Many people praise it as being the best. However, it did not bring the results we hoped it would. We even tested it more than once to make sure it truly wasn’t working the way it was supposed to. Sadly, the Scotchgard cleaning product left a big stain on the fabric. We ignore what caused this and do not recommend using this method. 

A Scotchgard product for preventing fabric stains is also offered to customers. We have not tested this option as it was not the point of our observations, but we are considering testing it shortly.

Method #4: Febreze Stain Remover & Pretreat 


The Febreze Stain Remover & Pretreat is very comparable to Scotchgard in terms of action. It acts in the same way as it penetrates the stain and acts thoroughly to remove the spot. However, in contrast with Scotchgard, this method proved to be very successful. You have to spray it on the stained area and let it stand for five minutes so that it can get into the stain. Then, using a damp cloth, gently rub or blot the area, rinsing and repeating as needed. 

We found this method to be the most effective one of all. It indeed removed the stain, and it was relatively easy to use.

Step 3: Dry it out

For all four methods, we let the fabric air-dry. We recommend that you air-dry as well, as unnecessary heat could damage the covers. Wait 24 hours before putting the covers back on the cushions, making sure they are dry and clean beforehand. 

Final Words 

All in all, the Febreze product, the baby cleansing wipes, as well as the water and hand soap, were our favourite methods to clean the Cozey sofa. We wish we could tell you that accidents don’t happen. That coffee cups don’t spill, and that kids hold on tightly to their bowls of mac&cheese. But accidents do happen. And it’s perfectly fine. Life can be messy, and that’s what makes us enjoy simple, joyful moments, where we’re living comfortably and making the most out of the word cozy. Cheers to being messy! You can go back to relaxing on your sofa now. And Adam can go back to running around! 

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