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How to Choose The Right Decorative Pillows For Your Sofa in 2021

4 Dec. 2020

Decorative pillows are important now more than ever. We spend most of our time inside our home and there is nothing that can make a room comfier than throw pillows. They offer so much personality in a home. A sofa is given new life with a plethora of throw pillows. Seating is extended with floor pillows. The bedroom becomes a cozy-chic escape with natural textiles wrapped around your favorite plush cushions. To make things easier for you, we find easy ways to choose the right decorative pillows for your sofa in 2021:

Color Pattern

decorative pillows for your sofa in 2021: color pattern

When choosing throw pillows to restyle your sofa, a limited color palette and large geometric prints work well in a modern environment. But if you love having lots of colors, remember to choose colors from either a piece of art in the room or colors that blend well with the color of your rug, go with the ones that are almost in the same tone.

Floor Pillows

decorative pillows for your sofa in 2021: floor pillows

If your home is often full of guests, it is worth considering additional seating. Decorative floor cushions are perhaps the best solution to this issue. Beautiful soft pillows will add more coziness to the space and fill it with a relaxed home atmosphere. Round or square shapes, you can choose from Japanese tatami cushions for their natural textured fibers to the moroccon boho style cushions for their stunning and mesmerizing patterns.

Size and Style

Size and style

The right size depends on how big your sofa is, but for eye-pleasing proportions, try pairing square pillows with rounded ones, to give it an eclectic look.  Go one step further and combine different textures for the ultimate statement, like linen and velvet throw pillow makes the perfect match up textures.

When choosing your decorative pillows for your sofa in 2021, remember to go with as many as you want to fit on your sofa. Mixing shape and colors are our favorite thing to do. Share with us your favorite pillows on cozey.ca

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