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How to Create a Flowing Bohemian Interior Design

9 Nov. 2020
colorful painting and plant

The bohemian style is made of colorful patterns and mixed-and-matched accessories. It is meant for everyone that want a little touch of nonconformist style and a taste of a creative and free-spirited design for those who lives on their own terms. The idea is to decorate with everything you think you need to create your safe haven, using colors that brings you joy and relaxes you. Overall, it is a good idea until you end up with more things than you like. So, we find ways of harmonizing your bohemian interior style that reflects your unique personality and personal aesthetic.

Layering is Key

As the opposite of minimal, Bohemian style embraces a “more is more” philosophy. The key to using decorative materials in a Boho room is to mix and match patterns and textures. Don’t be afraid to use styles that would not necessarily go together in a conventional way. Use dyed textiles and patterns from around the world—like Egyptians area rugs or Spice road rugs. Nothing like a room that reminds you of your favorite getaway and still feel home.

Find Second-hand and Vintage Items

Bohemian furniture usually is not found in a store. The upholstery as well as the furniture should look as if they’ve lived a life before coming into your home as bohemian style is all about well-loved pieces. Whether it’s an accent chair or just a vintage tray, adding something old will infuse character into your room. Keep an eye out for vintage brass planters, candles holders and other findings in your favorite thrift or vintage store.

Go Botanical

Embracing the natural world is central to the bohemian style, so bring your room to life with all sorts of plants. It adds depth and originality to your room while also purifying your air. Plants, like any living thing, needs care. Philodendron and peace lilies are very forgiving and withstand a variety of light and temperature levels. Or succulents which are great for people with a less-than-green thumb.

Overall, a bohemian style is what you make of it, you can choose to go with different textures and colours in one room, or you can go with accessories of different shape and age. No rules to follow, just your desire to have a design that looks a little bit more like you.

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