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How to Restyle a Sofa and Give It a New Life

9 Oct. 2020

Sofas are the main focal point in the living room and more often than not, the most used furniture in the house. Over the years, a sofa is more than just a sofa and becomes a part of the home, everyone gathers on it when watching tv, the most important conversations happen on that same sofa and it holds many of our memories. On the other side, a sofa can be an expensive purchase and a long-term commitment making it hard to choose. Needless to say, a sofa is hard to get rid of even when it’s outdated or stained.  That’s why we found easy ways for you to update your sofa at home without buying a new one. 

Add Pillows

Restyle a Sofa and Give It a New Life with plush pillows

The first easy way to update a sofa is to add plush pillows for more colors and comfort. Pillows can be the perfect element when you need to change it up quickly, they come in different sizes and usually they are easy to clean with removable covers.

Change the Upholstery

Restyle a Sofa and Give It a New Life with new upholstery

You can update a sofa by changing the upholstery of the couch. Colors are important in a harmonized decor and this tip is useful when you want a color update or when your sofa is stained.  With removable covers, your Cozey sofa can be updated with a new pair of covers for a fresh look. A skirt is also a great way to cover your sofa’s fabric and start anew.

Add or Remove the Legs

Cozey armchair

And last, you can add or remove the legs of your couch to change up your couch. Legs are not just practical; they have a lot to do with how a couch would end up looking. The legs can add an elevated modern look, adding them or removing them can change the perspective of your overall living room style.

Those are our easy ways to remodel a sofa without being an expert in DIY or paying for a new couch. Share your new sofa look and tag us on instagram at @cozey.ca

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