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Our Commitment to Our Planet

22 Apr. 2021

Earth Day this year struck a different chord. It is the first time that I sensed that my actions (or inaction) could make an impact on a much larger scale. We shipped thousands of sofas over millions of kilometres last year. Currently our sofas are optimized for shipping in small boxes, use minimal plastic in the packaging and are designed to be durable with the possibility to grow with you. We also repurpose returned items, donating to homeless shelters, instead of sending them to landfills. However, I believe we can still do much better. This is only the beginning of where we want to be. In the next year, the entire Cozey team and myself are committed to being more sustainable in how we approach all aspects of our business.    

As a team, we have long thought of Earth Day and what it means for us. How should we communicate our vision about sustainability? What actions should we take today and what objectives should we have for the future? Today, we want to open the discussion with you. We want to share our goals openly and make ourselves accountable to you and our planet. Here is what we plan to accomplish in the year to come:   

  • Redesign our packaging to prioritize recycled and sustainable materials   
  • Measure our unit & global carbon emission and footprint across the supply chain  
  • Create partnerships with local companies that offset carbon emissions  
  • Release a new product collection made with eco-friendly materials   

What we offer the Earth today is our commitment to be better. It is looking at how we do things daily and working towards making them more sustainable in the long run. It will be a lengthy process and we will strive to continuously improve. This is the start of our journey, together.   

Happy Earth Day!   

-Fred, CEO & Founder

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