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Pro Tips to Design a Simple and Modern Living Room

19 Nov. 2020

Modern design often entails a style that rejects heavy texture and carvings in favor of clean and sharp lines. Modern style concepts are known to be fuss-free, simple and it is filled with plenty of natural and warm neutrals. Minimalism however doesn’t mean no color.  Modern design embraces both the bright, bold designs while blending with the ultra-minimalist and simple furniture. We say, the perfect for both worlds! This our three pro tips to create a modern interior with simple twists for a warm and unique design

Use bold colors

Modern living room: color blue

Modern design colors tend to focus on shades of earthy colors such as turquoise, brown, rust, and greens. Bold colors are then used as a statement in a room where “less is more”. Using bright colors is used to draw the eye and center the style. If your living room is darker than most modern spaces, you can use two or three colors to bring light in the room while using furniture of modern design. The more the clean lines in the furniture are repeated throughout the space, the better.

Minimal design

Simple living room: minimal design

Modern design, especially in the living room, uses furnishings very sparingly. Think clean, clutter-free, a concise color palette, and pared down silhouettes, yet don’t shy away from creating a layered, warm, rich, and inviting minimalist home with a gallery-like setting from room to room as this is, after all, a place of comfort and refuge.

Use of metal

Simple living room: metal touch

Metal blends function, form, beauty and style. Metal makes up a big part of modern design. Metal is versatile and adaptable to any color palette. It also brings solidity to a space and oftentimes, livens up an otherwise boring and uninspired area. The biggest metal quality is its capacity to fully recycle, without losing its performance quality. This means that it is a durable material and at the same time reduces remodeling costs. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to choose which one to go with, the varying forms of metals ( ie: polished brass, bright copper, shimmering aluminum, painted metals) offers endless interior design ideas.

To conclude, Modern design is about choosing the right elements without cluttering the room. Each furniture is for a purpose either practical or to elevate the style for a personalized design.

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