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Return Policy

We know online sofa shopping is difficult and there is no guarantee that what you buy will fit your everyday needs. Since we want to make sure the Cozey sofa is perfect for you, it comes with a Cozey 30-Day Free Trial.  From the day you receive your Cozey sofa, you have 30 days to sit on it, nap on it, binge-watch on it and everything else you could think of on it.  If it doesn’t fit your needs, we will take it back, for free.  Simply keep the original boxes. Each customer is eligible for one Cozey 30-Day Free Trial for their first order placed on Any orders placed using the same credit card, PayPal account, email address, billing address or shipping address will be considered as being placed by the same customer. Also, once a customer has made a return within their Cozey 30-Day Free Trial, they are not eligible for another trial.

If you decide that the Cozey sofa is not for you, you can contact us directly at and we will make sure to process your request as soon as possible.  The Cozey team will send you a return label for your boxes and give you more information on how to proceed. If you are not certain that your order qualifies for the Cozey 30-Day Free Trial, contact Cozey’s Support team. They will be able to determine your order’s eligibility.


We offer free shipping all across the 10 Canadian provinces. To make any changes to your shipping address once you have ordered, make sure to contact our support team.  We cannot guarantee that changes will be accepted, but we will do everything in our power to accommodate you.

When choosing a delivery partner through Cozey’s delivery providers, the delivery contract will strictly be between you and the delivery partner, not with Cozey. When your order arrives, you can expect multiple boxes left on your doorstep depending on the number of seats you have.  Every seat comes into its own box. The arms are also in their own box. Same thing for the ottoman. 

Color Exchanges

If the incorrect color is ordered, one color exchange will be offered within the Cozey 30-Day Free Trial. This must be communicated to within the first 30 days. To limit its ecological footprint, Cozey will treat a color exchange as completion of the Cozey 30-Day Free Trial.

Once you receive your replacement product, failure to return the original product will be considered as an authorization to charge your credit card or PayPal account at the price of the item.


Returning your sofa is free if it is within your Cozey 30-Day Free Trial period and you have kept your original boxes.

All returns must be in good condition and free of stains or damages. As soon as we make sure that the sofa you have returned was not damaged by the customer or its environment and that there is no other problem with it, we will proceed with the refund. You can expect a few days delay, but we are usually pretty quick.

Any returned product will not be eligible for additional trials (i.e. if you return a sofa, you will not be eligible for another Cozey 30-Day Free Trial on other sofas). The product, opened or unopened, can only be returned within the Cozey 30-Day Free Trial.   

If you intend on returning your Cozey sofa, you will want to keep your original boxes.  In this case, we will only send you the return slip and you’ll be good to go. If you recycle your Cozey boxes, we will have to send you new boxes to your door at your own cost.  

You may return a maximum of four (4) Cozey products per order, validated by the order number, customer name, or shipping address. Please try our products first before ordering in large quantities.


Promotional codes or offers cannot be combined.

We may modify these terms at any time

These terms could be changed at any time. If the changes are material, we’ll let you know by emailing you directly or posting a notice on the site before the changes go into effect. The notice will designate a reasonable amount of time (a “Notice Period”) after which the new terms will go into effect for all customers.