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5 Things for a Cozey Halloweekend

Since this year’s festivities are canceled, we came up with 5 Things for a Cozey Halloweekend for this week’s Top Five Friday.

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Cozey Discounts: What You Should Know

What’s up with us?

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fall colours
5 Home Decor Accent Colours We Love for Fall

Because we want to help you live a cozey-er life, this week’s Top Five Friday proposes 5 home decor accent colours we love for fall.

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4 Easy Ways to Brighten Your Dark Living Room

We need more light as days shorten for winter season. We found easy ways to brighten your living room, low budget and renters friendly.

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5 Clever Living Room Storage Ideas

To prevent your living room from looking like it’s straight out of a chaotic whirlwind, here are 5 clever living room storage ideas.

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How to Restyle a Sofa

Luckily for you, we found easy ways for you to update and restyle your sofa at home without buying a new one.

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