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cozey rugs
5 Rugs That Will Perfectly Complement Your Cozey Sofa

Rugs that will perfectly complement your Cozey sofa are hard to find, but very important. They make the whole difference and keep your Cozey sofa company!

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color choices
5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Colour for Your Cozey Sofa

For this week’s Top Five Friday, we gathered our best tips to choose the perfect colour for your future, modular Cozey sofa.

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Cozey Sofa
The Perfect Cozey Sofa for Your Type of Home

A small guide guide to help you find your Cozey sofa. Whether you live in a small apartment or in a 3-story house, we have the perfect Cozey sofa for you.

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3 Reasons Why Cozey Is Strictly Online

The dominant model of online stores is one to choose over a traditional one, thanks to its straightforward approach for both the business and the consumer.

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The Story Behind Cozey’s Colours

When came the time for us to choose the colours in which the Cozey sofa would be offered, we couldn’t really decide. We knew we wanted four colours.

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living room camping
5 Tips for a Fun Living Room Camping Stay

With all the snacks, blankets, and scary stories, camping in the living room is hard to beat. Plus, staying home is quite the trend this summer!

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