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Firmess, Frame & Fabric: A Sofa’s Important Features

Cozey is here to help! We regrouped our top things to look for in a sofa under 3 words that start with the letter F. Hint: firmness, frame, fabric.

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5 Items for an Insta-Worthy Living Room

This week’s Top Five Friday holds 5 items that will help you create a cozey, insta-worthy living room. Because posting to Instagram is fun. Really fun.

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The Direct-to-Consumer Approach

Furniture companies are now following the growing trend of a direct-to-consumer approach, since it is highly growing and becoming the way to go.

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5 Plants to Make Your New Home Feel Cozy and Alive

This week’s Top Five is 5 recommendations of house plants that are ideal for people like us (read: who want plants, but don’t really know where to start).

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return policy
Cozey’s Return Policy

There is no guarantee of whether or not you’ll like the sofa you just bought, so Cozey’s return policy is as easy as 1,2,3.

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Cozey Sofa
5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Cozey Sofa

This week’s Top Five Friday was made to help you get comfortable. Follow these tips to fully enjoy your Cozey sofa!

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