What Does Direct-to-Consumer Mean?

7 Jul. 2020

Online shopping has slowly become the preferred way to go among consumers. Not only are the payment methods super easy, but the whole process is effortless. As much as clothing and beauty products have slowly dominated the industry, furniture companies are slowly following the growing trend and becoming direct-to-consumer.

As seen by the revolution of the mattress-in-a-box by both Endy and Casper, two direct-to-consumer companies, consumers and young companies are respectively more and more curious towards this new way of shopping and offering products. But why?


Direct-to-consumer (DTC) is a very friendly option for companies. Indeed, DTC allows 100% personalized branding in every aspect of the product and cancels a competition for shelf-space in stores.  Not only that, but companies can obtain a wide range of direct feedback and insights on buying trends and preferences.

DTC also benefits the consumers, as it provides an easy and better customer experience, directly on their tablet, computer, or smartphone. With a rise in technology, it is no wonder why people are starting to turn more towards online shopping. In addition, DTC makes communication much easier between the company and the consumer. By talking directly to people responsible for the product and not to a retail store, you can get much more precise and clear information. 

A Rise in Popularity

With the ever-evolving technology, customer expectations are continuing to increase and people are asking more and more for seamless shopping experiences. In addition to this, customer experience is a very important player in DTC, as it has the availability to make the company do more than just sell a product. 

Nowadays, people seek relationships with everyone, and everything. This is where DTC comes in handy; it offers a unique, personalized experience and provides the customer with a sense of belongingness towards the brand. 

Cozey, Canada’s First Sofa-in-a-Box

Cozey modular sofa

Cozey has launched its sofa-in-a-box early June and since then has conquered many canadian hearts. It strives to offer simplicity and comfort through an effortless assembly and easy shipping and returns. Many people still find it weird how they could order a sofa in the comfort of their home, and get it 3 days later in boxes, at their doorstep. But if you ask us, we think it is necessary to put the customer first. Offering a great shopping experience and being able to put the customer is what motivates us everyday; we focus entirely on offering a seamless and simple shopping experience through our website and customer service. We think it’s important to not only build a product, but also build customer trust and satisfaction.

Our lives are already complicated enough, there is no need to complicate them further with furniture. We believe in effortless living and in making things as simple as they should be. With our direct-to-consumer approach and our elegant design, we provide a leading value proposition to all Canadians. Because in the end, we believe that everyone deserves that feeling of marvelous comfort.

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