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The First “Sofa-In-A-Box” Company in Canada Is Launching Soon

25 Apr. 2020

Cozey, Canada’s first sofa-in-a-box company, has announced its plans to launch in the upcoming weeks

Cozey’s comfortable sofa-in-a-box, made for modern living, is on its way! For more than a year, the Montreal-based startup has been trying to solve the problem of bulky and pricey sofas that have a hard time getting through doors and stairways. During that period, Cozey focused on designing a marvelously comfortable sofa with a simple and tool-free assembly.

The initial idea for Cozey was to create something better and simpler for Canadians when it comes to moving furniture.  “For anyone who has moved a sofa in-and-out of a home knows what I am talking about. It’s a nightmare.” explains founder Frédéric Aubé. “Creating something effortless for every Canadian seemed to be an interesting starting point.” But then the idea evolved into something much larger, once more time was spent studying the sofa industry. “When I was shopping for a sofa, I was looking for something affordable with good quality that was comfortable and well designed.  There was nothing to be found.”  This is where Cozey’s focus changed to create the perfect sofa-in-a-box, made for modern living. The result? An elegantly designed sofa that assembles in minutes and that is marvelously comfortable.  “Something better and simpler for Canadians.” concludes the founder.               

For now, pricing and shipping details have not been revealed. But the startup says that the effortless Cozey customer experience will start with quick and free shipping across Canada. While the company strictly offers its sofa online, it will nonetheless offer a 30-day risk-free trial for customers to try at home. “It can be intimidating to buy a sofa you have never sat on.  But we think that trying it in the comfort of your home for 30 days is much better than 10 minutes in a furniture store.”

Not Just a Couch Company

Even before it sells its first sofas, expected to be available in early June, Cozey believes it is important to give back to the community and create a positive social impact. The startup is partnering with homeless shelters to donate its Comfort Box, which usually combines needed items in shelters, such as warm socks, hygiene products, and underwear. “During our prelaunch, we created a Share & Give platform on our website. Share our mission with your friends and we’ll donate a Comfort Box to a person in need. You share comfort and we give comfort.” In doing so, Cozey aims to provide comfort to everyone in the community.

The Montreal startup focuses on creating something better and simpler for Canadians and to provide marvelous comfort to all.  With their pre-launch, Cozey wants to gather as much feedback as possible and improve going forward. For any comments or questions, please reach out to the Cozey Family by emailing The company is also very active on its social media platforms. Don’t lose hope on your bulky and ugly sofa, Cozey’s comfortable sofa-in-a-box, made for modern living, is coming!

Canada sofa-in-a-box

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