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3 Affordable Cozy Sofas for 2020

11 Jan. 2020

Most of us would all like to find an affordable sofa.  Sofa shopping is difficult, but online sofa shopping is even harder.  At Cozey, we stand to help you find the perfect sofa within your means, even you decide not to go with our sofa.  Today, we look at the top coziest couches out there to find the most affordable cozy sofa for 2020. No matter what, we are always here to help you with cozy shopping. 

Article – Sven Birch Ivory

article love seat light grey sofa
Article Sven Birch


Article’s own description of the sofa is perfect.  We have nothing more to add. “Easy to love. The Sven in birch ivory looks cozy and refined, like a sweater that a fancy lady wears on a coastal vacation. This ivory loveseat has a tufted bench seat, loose back pillows and bolsters, solid walnut legs, and is ready to make your apartment the adult oasis you dream of. Nestle it with plants, an ottoman, an accent chair, or 8 dogs. Your call.” At 1099$, it is a good deal. 

EQ3 – Salema

eq3 3 seater light brown cozy sofa
EQ3 Salema


When you look at the Salema sofa by EQ3, you feel like it is the ideal nap-helper.  Its cushions all around make it perfect for spending a good amount of time on it. It looks cozy… and it is! Everything made by EQ3 can be trusted and the Salema makes no exception.  Not the cheapest at 1499$, but still affordable considering the quality and the coziness you’ll be getting. Highly recommend!    

IKEA – Grönlid

ikea cozy sofa
IKEA Grönlid


There are indeed more affordable IKEA sofas out there, but in terms of coziness, the Grönlid is difficult to beat.  With its chaise, the sofa is perfect for long naps, Netflix binge-watching sessions, or spending time with friends. At 1099$, you are getting good value and a sofa that will fit your needs.

Final words

We hope you enjoyed our top 3 affordable cozy sofas. To us, quality is important and we make sure that our recommendations take this into account for you to enjoy maximum comfort.  If you want more information, make sure to read our other reviews or contact us directly. It’s always a pleasure for us to help out.   

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