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Top 6: Best Canadian Sofa Stores in 2021

18 Mar. 2021

Shopping for sofas can be quite a time consuming task. With so many places and products to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide what you want to buy. Especially in this virtual age, the possibilities can seem endless. If you’re interested in shopping exclusively from Canadian brands- the best Canadian sofa stores- you can reduce your options by a good amount. That’s not the only good part about shopping Canadian brands…

Why Buy Canadian?

There are several other benefits to buying Canadian products. Firstly, buying local can cut supply chains shorter. Secondly, shipping induced pollution and costs can be reduced or even avoided. Thirdly, shopping from small, local businesses supports the local economy in a more meaningful way than shopping from a large retailer. We’ve compiled 6 of the best Canadian sofa stores in 2021 to make buying local easier!

Canadian Sofa Store 1: EQ3

EQ3 is a modern Canadian furniture store that sells furniture and accessories for any room. The store offers modern, customizable furniture to people across Canada. They also offer swatches of over 100 fabrics. In terms of shipping, the times vary based on what you’re ordering. For example, the sells accessories that they deliver in 5-7 business days. Larger items, such as sofas, take 2-4 weeks. Custom items may take 10-12 weeks. 

Reverie 86" Sofa by EQ3
Reverie 86″ Sofa by EQ3

EQ3 has been mentioned in articles by dominominimalissimo, and abduzeedo. The founders of EQ3 are most concerned with the timelessness, quality, and functionality of their furniture. 

Canadian Sofa Store 2: Cozey

Second on the list is Canadian sofa company Cozey Inc. Cozey is an up and coming sofa-in-a-box company. Based in Montreal, Quebec, the company supplies modern/contemporary sofas to households across Canada. They are a direct-to-consumer brand, meaning there are no middle men involved. Cozey currently carries one signature style in 5 different, versatile colours. The brand also carries ottomans. In addition, Cozey will be releasing sectionals very soon! They offer customizable modular sofas that are known for being very comfortable. The sofas look sophisticated in any space and can be styled in thousands of different ways. You can get everything from a 1 seater to a 5 seater, and beyond. 

Cozey Sofa: Light Grey 3-seater. Top 6: Best Canadian Sofa Stores in 2021
Cozey Sofa: Light Grey 3-seater

Considering the fact that the couches come in boxes, they are extremely easy to move and put together. The sofas are also very sturdy. Cozey prioritizes comfort and quality in their sofa design. In addition, shipping on all orders is free and takes 2-5 business days. Cozey offers a 30 day free trial on their couches, in case you’re skeptical of their quality. However, Cozey’s reviews all over the internet are overwhelmingly positive! According to these reviews, the customer service is a strongpoint for Cozey. Cozey really goes above and beyond the expectations of a sofa brand. 

Cozey also takes part in socially responsible practices. Their Comfort for Everyone initiative offers supplies to homeless shelters. This means that for every Cozey sofa sold, Cozey donates a box full of clothing, non-perishables, and hygiene products to a Canadian homeless shelter. Cozey really follows through on their commitment to providing comfort for everyone! 

Cozey Sofa: Navy Blue 3-seater. Top 6: Best Canadian Sofa Stores in 2021
Cozey Sofa: Navy Blue 3-seater

In addition, Cozey offers free swatches of their materials to anyone in Canada. They use a durable polyester fabric in all their couches. 

Canadian Sofa Store 3: Kavuus

Thirdly is Kayuss. Kayuus is a Vancouver-based company that offers custom, handmade furniture to Canadians. They are a direct-to-consumer brand. In addition, they don’t outsource to overseas production!  Kavuus offers full customization on all their pieces. Their products use high quality materials like wood and fabrics from Canada. They are so confident in their quality that they offer a lifetime warranty on their furniture. 

Kavuus Sofa

Canadian Sofa Store 4: Article

Article is an online-only furniture store that ships all across Canada. They have a relatively large selection of sofas that fit an overall modern aesthetic. The modern aesthetic is characterized by sleek, symmetrical, and geometric designs. Article also carries a number of statement couches. These do not strictly abide by the modernist description. However, their designs and mostly neutral colour pallets blend seamlessly with the modern living room.  

Article Sofa via Popsugar. Top 6: Best Canadian Sofa Stores in 2021
Article Sofa via Popsugar

Article uses solid wood in their construction and high quality upholstery materials. They offer furniture bundles at a reduced price, as well as free delivery over $999. They also offer returns within 30 days for a pickup fee of $49 and, if applicable, a repackaging fee of $50. 

Canadian Sofa Store 5:

This Canadian furniture store carries a large selection of diverse, high quality furniture. They sell furniture in all shapes, styles, and sizes. In addition, has top notch customer service. They are great at arranging bulk orders, if needed.

FCA Collection Living Room Setup via
FCA Collection Living Room Setup via

Like many other stores on this list, carries more than just sofas. The company offers mattresses, appliances, and electronics at great prices! They have a 30-day price match promise which helps their customers save tons of money. They also have a satisfaction guarantee policy that includes free exchanges on select furniture within 3 days. It also includes a 7-day return policy, if you are unsatisfied with your furniture.

Also, delivery is free on orders over $799. If the order is under $799, delivery is $75. However, delivery for their in-house collection is always free.

Canadian Sofa Store 6: Stylegarage

Stylegarage is a Toronto-based “Canadian Modern” furniture store. They have been designing, building, and selling furniture to Canadians for over 20 years. They sell “functional and timeless” pieces for any room. Stylegarage is a made-to-order brand that sells some in-stock accessories. The company prides itself on building robust, high quality furniture for the modern Canadian.

Podium Modular Sectional in Copenhagen Terra by StyleGarage. Top 6: Best Canadian Sofa Stores in 2021
Podium Modular Sectional in Copenhagen Terra by StyleGarage

Stylegarage’s made-to-order furniture delivers in 10-12 weeks. Their “quickship” selection can ship in less than a week. Shipping rates vary by location.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 6 best Canadian sofa stores in 2021! If you didn’t find what you were looking for here, be assured: there are plenty more great Canadian furniture stores out there. Thanks for reading. Happy shopping!

best Canadian sofa stores. The best Canadian sofa stores.

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