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Wait… sectional and modular don’t mean the same thing?

14 Jun. 2020
differences between sectional and modular sofa

Nope, they don’t. We have to admit that the differences are quite small, and all of it is basically a play on words, but we feel it is important to establish the differences between a sectional sofa and a modular sofa. Many people tend to confuse the two and it tends to lead to big debates. To spare headaches and future misunderstandings, we’ll establish the differences. As a result, next time your sister in law keeps telling you how she just LOVES her new modular sofa (when it’s in fact a sectional sofa) you can tell yourself she’s wrong. Or you can tell her directly. Up to you. 

They’re similar… but different?

Although both modular and sectional refer to a sofa that has many pieces assembled together, they don’t necessarily stand for the same type of sofa. Indeed, a sectional sofa is usually the addition of a loveseat to a chaise, so it’s mainly composed of two pieces. Therefore, you could say that a sectional sofa is a modular sofa, since it’s basically a result of pieces put together. On the other hand, a modular sofa does not automatically result in a sectional sofa. Yes, it is composed of various pieces, but a chaise is not always comprised. As a result, a sectional sofa can be a modular sofa if it is made up of 2 or more pieces, but a modular sofa does not automatically result in a sectional sofa. You’re not sure you understand the difference yet? Keep reading, it will become much clearer (hopefully)!

Okay…so a modular sofa is…

In sum, a modular sofa is basically a normal sofa, with a variety of options possible. Broken into different pieces (most likely in “chairs”), a modular sofa can be placed into an L-shape (this would make the modular sofa a sectional sofa), into a U-shape, or into a regular sofa. You could think of the pieces, or chairs, as different puzzle pieces that end up making a great, custom result! 

Need a modular sofa? At Cozey, we’ve got your back. 

Cozey modular sofa

At Cozey, we offer 100% modular sofas. With a simple, tool-free assembly, adding comfort to a modern lifestyle has never been easier. Not sure how many seats you need at first? Start by ordering a loveseat, and order an additional seat later down the road. Cozey is there to support you wherever you go, with a sofa in puzzle-like pieces. 

By arriving at your doorstep in boxes, the Cozey sofa is ideal for tight spaces. Simply bring the boxes in the desired room, unpack, and assemble! No need to push the sofa through a tight stairway or door frames; Cozey’s modular aspect is perfect for a small space! 

Okay, that’s great, but I REALLY want a sectional sofa…

Okay, we’ll admit it: sectional sofas are really comfortable. Lounging on the chaise all day in our pyjamas seems pretty great. Although Cozey does not offer any sectional at the moment, a 3-seater + an ottoman is the ideal combo. With the ottoman, the “chaise” feeling is definitely present, and we could easily spend all day and the day after that lounging on the sofa. Plus, you can tell your friends and family about the differences between modular and sectional while you’re all sitting comfortably on your Cozey sofa. Sounds pretty good to us! 

Great! I’ll start things off with a loveseat and an ottoman.

This sounds like a wonderful plan! Like mentioned above, with Cozey’s simple assembly and disassembly, you can always add a seat to your 2-seater later down the road. A loveseat and an ottoman will certainly create a beautiful modular, sectional sofa! One thing is sure: you’ll feel Cozey.  

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