About Cozey

We care about comfort. And our planet.

21 Apr. 2021

A sustainable future starts at the roots; it starts where our days begin and end—at home. Morning after morning, we have the possibility of making the world a better place. Be it the choice we make for how we’re getting to work or the choice we make for lunch; we constantly face decisions on how we decide to live a more sustainable life. People are taking action and speaking up, and we, at Cozey, are attempting to do the same. 

Attempting to make the best decisions every day for our environment is one parcel of what Cozey endeavours to accomplish daily. We constantly work to improve ourselves environment-wise, and we tirelessly try to find better, more sustainable ways of doing things. Transparency is at the top of our priorities with our community. For this reason, and to hold ourselves accountable, here are ways in which Cozey currently plays its part for a brighter, greener future.  

Current Sustainability Actions We Take Part in 

Optimized Boxes  

At Cozey, our objective is to ship our sofas intact while remaining environmentally friendly as best we can.  As many of you know, we send our sofas in boxes; hence the name of sofa-in-a-box. Each box contains what is to become a comfortable couch. Since Cozey has come to life, we have been committed to reducing and eliminating excessive packaging without compromising quality. Each seat comes in one box, with the arms in another; all parcels are optimized, and no plastic is used to wrap the sofa. In our conception phase, we made sure that we could fit the most units possible in one box to minimize our cardboard use. All in all, we commit to creating less waste and continuing to rethink our packaging so that it allows a greener tomorrow.  

Repurposed Returns 

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes, we get returned sofas. Because people have different tastes and comfort needs, they decide that the Cozey sofa just isn’t for them. And it’s perfectly fine this way. After all, we all have different needs, different wants, and different aspirations. Many wonder what we do with the returned sofas. Do we throw them away? Do we keep them for ourselves, in our office? Do we keep them in their boxes, in a corner where they can’t live their best life? And the answer is: we repurpose them. Returned sofas that are not broken are directly repurposed to someone within the Cozey team or donated to our partnered homeless shelters. After all, it isn’t because someone returned their couch that someone else won’t love it the way it deserves to be loved. By repurposing our sofas, we ensure that our products live the lives they have. We refuse to send them to landfills, which are already vastly occupied. By repurposing, we ensure that energy is saved from having to dismantle and re-manufacture a sofa. Not only this, but it reduces the need for raw materials, ultimately contributing to protecting Earth’s forests and waters.  

Reimagined Sofas  

The Cozey sofa being modular and made to grow with you, we make sure that it is easily customized to your needs. New circumstances, no problem. Small living room? A two-seater and an ottoman should be ideal. Are you moving into a larger home? Why not add a corner module and two more seats? The same sofa can be modified repeatedly to fit your evolving needs and move with you, saving landfill space. Not only this, but broken, damaged parts are a quick fix. Instead of changing your entire couch and sending the old one to the landfill, why not update it with new cushions, or new legs, over the years so that you can continue using the same sofa over the years?  In the end, we’re recreating a “same but different” momentum, one that ensures you’re living sustainably and comfortably. By creating sofas that fit new living rooms and meet changing needs, Cozey helps reduce the throwaway culture. 

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