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With Mila Taillefer: How to Use Wood in Interior Decor

13 Nov. 2020

Wood is an element much used in interior decoration whether in its rustic form or after transformation. It has many qualities including thermal insulation and a welcoming aspect that adds to any kind of design. The goal is to re-imagine wood as an everyday accessory and for this reason, Mila Taillefer has shared with us some practical decorating tips to incorporate wood into our homes. Mila is a social network influencer who is known for her publications on interior design and her interest in reducing consumption. She says: “For me, wood is synonymous with calm and naturalness. It brings a warm and unifying spirit. Then, being self-employed, my tasks are carried out from my home. My priority is to create a space where I can concentrate on my work.”

But what about the color? The paler the wood, the happier Mila is! Scandinavian style, natural oak and ash are these favorites for decorative objects. And for the floor, the choice is simple: a light floor for the beautiful luminosity it brings and its effect of grandeur.

Choose Wood with Patterns

My wooden vase with a grain reminiscent of a tree trunk. This one is handmade by a craftsman, so it makes it even more special and unique. I love to put a stem of dry flowers in it depending on the season.

Habitude Design in Outaouais.

Decorative Object

The durable and local candlestick, handmade in Rimouski. Made of cherry and cherry wood, it is never far from my desk or from the kitchen table for a little comfort.

La boutique par Fanny in Ramouski

Customize Rustic Wood

My long wooden branch. My boyfriend laughs at me because I absolutely wanted to bring it with me when I moved! I’m really attached to it. I found it on the ground in my father’s backyard. When I look at it, it makes me smile and reminds me of nature. I admit it falls down a lot (that’s probably why my boyfriend doesn’t dare to go near it), but it brings a touch of naturalness to the room that I can’t live without.

Essentially, you can use wood in the interior decor by adding accessories that remind you of nature. For more ideas on design, you can consult Mila Taillefer’s instagram page.

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