Your sofa’s got your back. 24/7.

30 Jul. 2020

It’s kind of funny how furniture grows with you; it stays by your side through the years, and follows you from home to home. Think about it— you probably still have the same bed you had at sixteen, the same dresser your mom had when she was your age, and that mirror? Oh it’s been to places. Maybe they’ve gone from brown to yellow, to blue, and back to brown. But even after all these years, your pieces of furniture are still the same deep down. The thing is, we get attached to furniture, as if they were friends we’ve kept in touch with for so long. And when we consider selling it or giving it away, nostalgia hits us like a train hits the tracks. 

Now, you might think this is all crazy and that we’re going over the top here– comparing furniture to friends… what? But hey, who’s got your back when you’re sad? When you’re tired? When you’ve had a long day? Who’s there for you when all you want to do is get lost in a book, a cup of tea not too far away? Who’s there to greet your friends when you’re not done getting ready on a Friday night? Your sofa. Your sofa is the one who’s there in all of these moments, for you. Because it grows old with you, moves to places with you, and supports you (literally). Little do you know, your sofa is your best friend in life. Oh yeah. It’s not just a piece of “furniture”. It’s a piece of “friendniture”. 

Your Sofa…

Isn’t just a sofa. It’s where you go to get comfortable. It’s where you sit down with a friend, and talk until dawn. It’s where you cuddle with someone, be it your loved one, your friend who’s-not-just-a-friend, or your dog. It’s where you go after a long day, to sit, relax, and watch your favourite rom-com or sitcom. It’s where you eat boxed mac & cheese on your lap and it’s where you toast to the weekend. It’s where you get lost in books; where you overthink text messages. It’s where you fall asleep at 3 am on a Saturday and at 3 pm on a Sunday. It’s where your friend crashes on a Tuesday night because Jessica just broke their heart, again. It’s where so many things happen, where so many memories are created. 

So pick your sofa wisely. Pick one you know will grow old with you. Pick one that will follow you, wherever you go. Most importantly, pick one you’ll be comfortable with. Because life is too short not to be. And remember: your sofa’s got your back. 24/7. 

nap on sofa

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