Our Story

We first started with the idea to simplify Canadians’ lives. By packaging our sofa in a box and re-thinking the assembly process, we thought we could create something that made moving a lot easier. And by adapting our sofa to today’s generation, we wanted to create this feeling of magical comfort.
Doing so, we developed the perfect sofa for modern living.

A better life starts with a simple life.

Live better

Why Cozey?

Our lives are already complicated enough, there is no need to complicate them further with furniture. We believe in effortless living and in making things as simple as they should be. With our direct-to-consumer approach and our elegant design, we provide a leading value proposition to all Canadians.

Because in the end, we believe that everyone deserves that feeling of marvelous comfort.

Customer Service Focused

We intend to make sofa shopping as easy as binge-watching. The Cozey family is our #1 priority. This is why our team is helping you live a simpler life with free shipping and easy returns.

For any questions or comments you might have, we will always be there for you.

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